PocketSphinx binding for Xamarin

Monday, June 02, 2014 by David Conlisk

I have created a Xamarin Java Bindings library for PocketSphinx so that I can use PocketSphinx voice recognition in my Xamarin Android app. I was asked on Stack Overflow to share it, so here it is!

Download the Xamarin Java bindings library for PocketSphinx

(Please note, this works in my particular case, but I am giving you no guarantees that it will work in yours - use at your own risk!)


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2 comment(s) for “PocketSphinx binding for Xamarin”

  1. Gravatar of Florian

    Florian says:

    Thanks David! Gonna give it a try :)
  1. Gravatar of Steve

    Steve says:

    Awesome! Any chance for a simple example of usage within Xamarin? Please?

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